As you know, our new friends, the tadpoles, are also very happy to be part of our 3 year old class, and it is part of our routine to learn to take care of them and differentiate them from other living beings.

Although tadpoles look like fish, they are actually amphibians that are going to undergo a metamorphosis until they become frogs. For that to happen, we have to know how to feed them and what to do to keep them healthy.

After discovering in the reference books that tadpoles can live with fishes, we decided to move them to the aquarium and give them a bigger house with new friends.

So, in Science class we changed our friends’ water with mineral water, and then we took them to the big aquarium. We cleaned the small fishbowl, just in case in the future some tadpoles, who left to Tajo river, want to come back.

«I saw a little frog,

he was cuter than me

he was sitting on a log

and i’m sure he croaked at me

We are so excited to see them growing up, and very happy to have these future frogs in our class.

Alumnos/as de 3 años.


Duck, Duck, Goose is a chasing game. The object of the game is to select a child on each round to chase the person who is “it” around the circle while trying not to get caught. It is a game of listening carefully, reacting quickly and using physical skills such as speed.

Do you want to see us playing this game?

2 years


A Rhyming Couplet is two line of the same length that rhyme and complete one thought. There is no limit to the length of the lines. Rhyming words are words that sound the same when spoken, they don’t necessarily have to be spelt the same.

Do you want to know our rhyming couplets?

Here we go!

Nursery classroom